Poster printing for researchers, students and academics... real quick.

We generally recieve files in the afternoon and deliver posters the following morning to a pick-up spot at UniSA city east.
We will issue an invoice that your department or supervisor can pay through the university system or we can take payment via EFT.*
We work from a home office in Evandale and do most of the printing in the evening. Should you need a poster outside of the scope of this website.
please let us know so we can try to accommodate.

We don't do the laminating in-house, so unfortunately takes an additonal 72 hrs.

Occasionally our own research will take us away from Adelaide and disrupt our normal printing services. Please note the following interuption to the normal next-day turnaround!

30/6 - 15/7 Posters will be delivered on the 18th of July

Sorry for any incovience.




  File Types:
  Paper Types:  

Power Point:
prefered format


Satin Photo Paper:
Prefered paper. colors look good, pictures look good. It can easily dent and tear so it should travel in a tube.

no problems

Synthetic Fabric:
Great for traveling without a tube. You can fold it up an put it in a backpack or suitcase. It is a matte finish so the colours don't stand out as well as the photo paper, but the abilitiy to travel easy makes up for it. Irons out well.


no problems, make sure that your PDF didn't mangle your photos or change your page size

Matte Bond Paper:
Cheap basic paper. Not recomended. The colors and pictures will not turn out like they look on your screen. Good for basic text, background images and colours may appear blotchy. We will avoid printing on bond if there are large blocks of solid colour.

Gloss - More vibrant but hard to read from a distance.
Matte - Dulls the colors but easy to read.

Both will help protect a paper based poster.


Helpful Page sizes:
We can print any custom size required,
These are just to give an idea of size standards

A2 = 420mm x 594m
A1 = 594mm x 841mm
AO = 841mm x 1189mm

We print up to 1270mm (50") wide roll of paper.


Contact Info:
Michael Coates
H: 8363.9107
M: 0431.710.647